Is Eddie Hall On Steroids?

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Last Updated August 28, 2022

TRT Trey

 August 28, 2022


Is Eddie Hall on steroids?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Inside, you’ll find the official breakdown of whether or not Eddie Hall has ever used gear before…

Eddie Hall is an entrepreneur, actor, fitness influencer and former professional strongman competitor. He is famous for winning the 2017 World’s Strongest Man competition, for being the first man to deadlift over 1,100 pounds, and of course, for his nickname “The Beast,” which he tattooed on his arms.

Some people have accused Eddie Hall of using steroids. This is understandable, as Eddie Hall was over 450 pounds when he won the World’s Strongest Man competition!

Is Eddie Hall really a natural athlete? Or did he use performance enhancing drugs to become one of the strongest men of all time? Let’s find out!

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Eddie Hall Stats

Age: 34 Years Old
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 450 lbs
Estimated Body Fat %: About 30 Percent
Nickname: "The Beast”

Steroids are hormones that are naturally produced by the human body. There are many different steroid hormones, but two of the most common ones include testosterone and estrogen.

Testosterone plays an extremely important role in muscle growth, and is known to boost masculine characteristics in males, such as a deepening of the voice, broad shoulders, and increased body hair. A man’s aggressiveness might also be influenced by his testosterone levels.

Anabolic steroids, or injectable versions of man-made hormones, are sometimes used by athletes and bodybuilders to improve their athletic performance. Anabolic steroids are extremely effective at building muscle mass and strength, but they are also known to be extremely dangerous. They are also illegal in the United States and many other countries.

Research shows that over 1,084,000 Americans, or 0.5 percent of the adult population, have used anabolic steroids at some point in their adult life. The global anabolic steroid use rate is even higher at 3.3 percent [1].

Unfortunately, as many as 1 million Americans is currently suffering from steroid dependency [2].

If anabolic steroids are so dangerous, why would anyone take them in the first place? The truth is steroids have been shown to be extremely effective at building muscle mass and strength, and improving overall athletic performance [3].

The challenge with steroids is they have been shown to cause serious side effects within the cardiovascular systems, as well as the liver, urinary system, and reproductive systems [4].

Eddie Hall

Signs Of Steroid Use

How can you tell if someone is using steroids without actually asking them? The truth is steroids have many side effects that are visible to the naked eye.

Here are some of the most common side effects of long-term steroid use:

  • Massive Head / Skull Growth
  • Flushed, Red Skin
  • Bloated Stomach
  • Insanely Muscular
  • “Square” Shaped Physique

Let’s take a closer look at each of these side effects.

Some steroids, such as human growth hormone, have been shown to cause the skull to grow in adult males. If you see a jacked bodybuilder with an unusually large skull, then they may be using an injectable form of human growth hormone.

Another common side effect of long-term steroid use is red, flushed skin. This is actually a side effect of the steroid testosterone. When someone has extremely high testosterone levels, their internal body temperature starts to rise, causing their skin to take on a dark red appearance.

Other common side effects include a bloated stomach, an insanely muscular physique, or even a “square” shaped physique.

For example, if you see someone who is very lean with a large, protruding stomach, that may be sign they are using growth hormone and other anabolic steroids.

Is Eddie Hall On Steroids?

Is Eddie Hall really natural? Or did he use anabolic steroids to deadlift over 1,100 pounds and win the 2017 World’s Strongest Man competition? Let’s look at the facts before jumping to any conclusions.

Eddie Hall has the following signs of long-term steroid use:

  • Growth Hormone Gut
  • “Joe Rogan” Skull
  • Enormous 3-D Delts
  • Insanely Muscular Physique

In my opinion, the only thing bigger than Eddie Hall’s ego, is his stomach!

All kidding aside, Eddie Hall has one of the biggest growth hormone guts I have ever seen. Even when he is lean with six-pack abs, his stomach shoots out in front of the rest of the body. This is sometimes called a “growth hormone gut,” and it is caused by excessive use of growth hormone and insulin.

Another obvious sign that Eddie Hall is using steroids is his massive skull.

Research shows that growth hormone and other steroids can actually change the shape of your facial bones, including making your skull increase in size. Other celebrities like Dwayne Johnson and Joe Rogan also have a massive skull, indicating possible growth hormone use.

With Eddie Hall, everything his huge. His stomach, skull, and ego are all big, but his shoulders are absolutely enormous! Seriously, Eddie Hall has some of the biggest shoulders I have ever seen on a human before.

Research shows that the shoulders have a large number of androgen receptors, which causes them to grow extremely fast in steroid users. The fact that Eddie Hall has such unbelievably large shoulders is another reason to believe he is on gear.

Finally, the most obvious sign that Eddie Hall is using performance enhancing drugs is his insanely muscular physique.

In his prime, Eddie Hall was 6 foot 3 inches tall and weighed over 450 pounds! That is absolutely insane, and way beyond what a natural trainee can achieve.

Even though he was a little overweight, it’s clear that Eddie Hall was carrying an unbelievable amount of muscle mass. Now that he is retired from professional strongman, Eddie Hall is 350 pounds with a true six-pack.

Again, this is beyond what any natural trainee can hope to achieve.

Eddie Hall may have used steroids to become the World’s Strongest Man, but he also had incredible genetics.

Eddie underwent five hours of testing at Staffordshire University, to enable scientists to assess the impact the training is having on his body.

Their findings were incredible: it turns out that he has a mutated myostatin gene, aka the “Hercules gene.” This which means that he can build far more muscle mass than the average individual.

However, even with the Hercules gene, it’s almost impossible to believe that Eddie Hall weighed 450 pounds in his prime without using steroids.

Our verdict is clear: yes, Eddie Hall uses anabolic steroids.

Eddie Hall Before And After Steroids

Eddie Hall has many of the usual signs of long-term steroid use, such as an insanely muscular physique and massive shoulders / traps. But did he always look this way?

The truth is, Eddie Hall spent many years competing as a swimmer before he ever started training for professional strongman. Eddie Hall had a lean, athletic look – exactly what you would expect from one of the fastest swimmers in Britain.

That completely changed when Eddie started competing in professional strongman competitions. Eddie quickly blew up in size, eventually weighing 450 pounds!

This is absolutely ridiculous for a man who is only 6 feet 3 inches tall, and a clear sign that he used anabolic steroids to become the World’s Strongest Man.

Eddie Hall steroids before and after

Legal Steroid Alternatives?

Eddie Hall may have used anabolic steroids to become the 2017 World’s Strongest Man, but that doesn’t mean they are a good idea for everyone.

Steroids have many dangerous side effects, and can even be deadly when used improperly. Steroids are also illegal in many countries, including the United States.

Fortunately, there are many “legal steroid alternatives” that you can take to speed up your progress in the gym. These products will help you build muscle mass and strength, but without the harsh side effects of performance enhancing drugs.

One of the most popular legal steroid alternatives on the market today is called ecdysterone.

Ecdysterone has taken the fitness world by storm for its ability to build muscle mass and strength. In fact, some studies have shown that ecdysterone increases muscle protein synthesis by as much as 20%, and that it can work as well as many anabolic steroids, including dianabol [5, 6]!

How is this possible?

The truth is, ecdysterone is a natural substance found in many plants, such as spinach and quinoa. It doesn’t impact your hormones, so it won’t have any of the harsh side effects of anabolic steroids.

Instead, it directly increases protein synthesis inside your muscle cells, which makes it easier to build muscle mass and recover between workouts.

If you are interested in getting started with ecdysterone, then we strongly recommend the company Huge Supplements. Unlike a lot of companies, they manufacture their products right here in the United States, so you know you are getting the best product for your money.

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Testosterone Therapy vs. Steroids

Testosterone replacement therapy is one of the most exciting developments in men’s health. Unlike anabolic steroids, testosterone therapy is designed to optimize your body’s testosterone levels.

Most men on testosterone therapy have testosterone levels around 800 – 1200 ng / dl, which is right at the high-end of the normal, healthy range.

Research shows that testosterone therapy has many benefits, including increased muscle mass, improved cardiovascular health, decreased body fat, and improved energy levels [7, 8, 9].

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Eddie Hall And Steroids | Verdict

What’s the verdict – does Eddie Hall use steroids?

We believe the odds are extremely high that Eddie Hall used anabolic steroids to break the all-time deadlift world record and become the 2017 World’s Strongest Man.

Eddie has many signs of long-term steroid use, such as his insanely muscular physique, his overpowering traps / deltoids, his “growth hormone gut,” and his massive skull. Just look at the size of his stomach – Eddie Hall looks like he is pregnant with a growth hormone belly in some photos!

The truth is, Eddie Hall did what was necessary to win the World’s Strongest Man competition, and yes, that includes using anabolic steorids. He bulked up to an unbelievable 450 pounds and defeated other legendary strongman competitors, like Brian Shaw and Hafthor Bjornsson.

Today weighs in at a lighter 350 pounds, but it’s plain as day that he is still on gear.


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