Gorilla Mind Turkesterone | Review, Dosage, and Safety

Dr. Mike Jansen

Last Updated September 18, 2022

Dr. Mike Jansen

 September 18, 2022

Curious about Gorilla Mind turkesterone reviews?

Do you wonder if Gorilla Mind is the best place to buy turkesterone, and what users are saying about this breakthrough product?

Then you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive review, we detail why Gorilla Mind turkesterone is one of the best legal and natural steroid alternatives in the world.

We also answer your most important questions, including:

  • What is turkesterone?
  • Why should I take turkesterone?
  • What do users say about Gorilla Mind?

…And much more!

Our team has put together a detailed review of turkesterone, the history behind it, and more importantly, why you might not have much longer to purchase this ‘natural steroid alternative’ due to recent scrutiny from official sporting organizations and the media.

After reading this in-depth guide, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about Gorilla Mind turkesterone, including whether it’s the right product for you.

Now let’s get started!

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What is Turkesterone?

When supplement is marketed as a ‘natural steroid’, it’s understandable that fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders might find the idea intriguing.

However, claiming that a supplement has all the benefits of regular steroids, without the side effects is also bound to invite scrutiny. In fact, the mainstream media released a report recently about how these ‘natural anabolics’ should be banned and made illegal [1]!

This is the current state of affairs when it comes to turkesterone, a compound belonging to a naturally-occurring group of plant hormones called ecdysteroids [2, 3].

Turkesterone is typically found in thistle-like plants that only grow abundantly in certain parts of the world – mainly, in central Asian countries like Uzbekistan [3]. These include Leuzea Carthamoides, Rhaponticum, Stemmacantha Uniflora, and most commonly, Ajuga Turkestanica.

When it comes to the chemical structure of turkesterone, many similarities can be found when compared to testosterone.

Although they may appear to be nearly identical, these two hormones function in distinctive manners [2].

In terms of its history, the first pharmacological tests on turkesterone were conducted on rats and mice in the 1960s, with the purpose of noting down any adverse effects on vertebrate organisms.

Ultimately, there remains little doubt that ecdysteroids like turkesterone do have anabolic effects on mammals [4].

You’re probably wondering…

What’s so special about turkesterone? Why is turkesterone so popular now?

This is mainly because it’s a natural substance that can produce a level of overall improvement in athletic performance comparable to steroids like dianabol or trenbolone.

In addition, turkesterone doesn’t actually bind to the same receptors for steroids found in vertebrates, so it is virtually free of side effects commonly noted when cycling steroids, pro-hormones, and even SARMs [4, 5].

gorilla mind turkesterone

What is Gorilla Mind?

Our team set aside time to conduct a thorough investigation of multiple online supplement vendors, when we came across Gorilla Mind.

Gorilla Mind is a sports supplement company founded in January 2017 by Derek, the face of the More Plates More Dates YouTube channel with over one million subscribers. They primarily concentrate on formulating supplements to improve athletic performance, as well as cognitive enhancement.

One of the factors that sets Gorilla Mind apart from several other supplement brands, is that they are committed to being transparent and providing cutting-edge formulas at affordable prices.

In terms of shipping, Gorilla Mind offers shipping to all of North America, as well as most countries in the European Union.

In fact, if you place a domestic order over $100 within the United States, you’ll be pleased to hear you can get free shipping. They also offer package insurance, so that if anything should happen to your order while in transit, you will either be refunded, or another item will be shipped to you.

Benefits of Turkesterone

Now you might be wondering… is turkesterone effective?

What kinds of results can you expect to see when cycling turkesterone?

Are ecdysteroids like turkesterone naturally-occurring substances that can actually produce the same, or even greater anabolic benefits of normal steroids, as many claim they do?

For starters, cycling ecdysteroids like turkesterone has shown to produce a major increase in lean muscle mass and strength [3].

With turkesterone, this can come about due to a 20% increase in protein synthesis. Turkesterone lowers lipid absorption, improves nitrogen retention and contributes to a better protein metabolism profile with reduced protein catabolism and increased anabolism.

This just means that the protein you consume while using turkesterone will be more easily absorbed.

As an added bonus, studies on turkesterone have also noted gains in skeletal muscle mass and muscle protein synthesis [6].

Turkesterone is closely related to the natural substance ecdysterone. It’s hard to say for sure, but turkesterone might be even more powerful of a substance than ecdysterone.

Out of the limited studies that have been conducted on turkesterone, one of the most recognized trials involved various compounds being administered to rats of different ages and hormonal conditions.

The data from the study showed that turkesterone led to a 63.5% increase in weight for puberal rats, while ecdysterone led to a 51.9% increase in their weight.

The largest amount of weight gain in the test group resulted from turkesterone, which was even more than the oral steroid dianabol [4].

Another benefit of turkesterone is that the time needed to recover from intense exercise can be greatly reduced. Studies show that turkesterone can aid in fixing muscle fibers that have been broken down after exercise and increase glycogen concentrations in muscles, which can play a part in removing lactic acid and support workout recovery [7].

Finally, for those looking to get shredded, fat loss and weight maintenance are also known benefits of turkesterone, as it can speed up lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.

gorilla mind turkesterone

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone Review

With over 145 positive reviews from verified customers, Gorilla Mind Turkesterone is obviously a highly reputable product with plenty of anecdotal evidence showing that it does indeed work effectively.

It’s claimed to be the most bioavailable turkesterone supplement on the market, with each capsule of Gorilla Mind Turkesterone containing 500 mg of turkesterone extracted from Ajuga Turkestanica, and complexed with hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin, to enhance its absorption into the body.

This is a kay factor to consider when buying any supplement, because while some vendors might have products at higher dosages, the amount of the supplement actually utilized and absorbed into the body can vary greatly.

In order to get a clearer idea of how effective Gorilla Mind Turkesterone is, we can briefly refer to the comments left by several verified customers who have bought it previously.

Turkesterone has been shown to produce results in athletes of various ages:

“I am 49 and started the Turk 3 weeks ago and have seen my strength increase. Started with the normal dose and now do 2 in the am and 2 in the pm and may up to 3 per dose in a week. Glad I can push more weight so I can still grow and look good for my 50th!” – CJ C.

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone can also be safely stacked with other supplements to augment the effects:

“Whatever you do, do not take Derek’s Turkesterone while also consuming Lock & Load, the results will have you feeling 10x better about yourself than you should and subsequently can’t live without them. Steer clear!” – Mitchel D.

We strongly suggest taking advantage of their 3 bottle discount on Gorilla Mind Turkesterone, so that you’ll have enough to run a proper 3 month cycle.

You can visit them here to learn more and purchase Gorilla Mind Turkesterone:

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Is Turkesterone a Steroid?

As we already briefly covered, turkesterone, along with other ecdysteroids, is similar in form and function to testosterone.

With that said, we want to set the record straight: turkesterone is not legally considered to be an anabolic androgenic steroid, even though it’s marketed as a ‘legal steroid alternative’ or ‘natural steroid’.

However, just because turkesterone isn’t legally classified as a steroid, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t produce remarkable results.

It’s been proven that turkesterone produces anabolic effects in mammalian subjects, such as improved strength, increases in muscle mass, heightened stamina, and expedited recovery. These effects are achieved by increasing the activity of polyribosomes – the cytoplasmic parts in cells where protein synthesis occurs [8].

Apart from their legal classification, turkesterone and steroids do have some noticeable differences.

Firstly, it doesn’t increase blood pressure [3]. In fact, studies have shown that turkesterone and the plants it’s derived from can provide relief from high blood pressure, and prevent dilated cardiac hypertrophy [3, 9].

Turkesterone also does not produce the adverse side effects typically associated with steroids, like drastically lower natural testosterone production, or liver toxicity [10].

In short, the answer to the question “is turkesterone a steroid”, is a resounding no.

Even though turkesterone has often been compared to anabolic steroids in terms of its effects and molecular structure, it does differ in some major ways, which has led to it being classified as separate from anabolic androgenic steroids.

Is Turkesterone Legal?

We’ve established that Turkesterone is not a steroid.

However, due to the claims made about its powerful effects, some might be led to believe that a substance like turkesterone is a controlled substance. Let’s get the facts straight: turkesterone, along with other ecdysteroids like ecdysterone, is 100% legal and available to buy as an over-the-counter supplement.

It’s critical that this difference between turkesterone and other anabolics, such as steroids and SARMs, be taken into account.

As to whether turkesterone is a steroid or not, the answer is straightforward: turkesterone is not classified as an anabolic steroid, and is therefore completely legal to purchase, possess, or consume in several countries, such as the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia [11].

So, what distinguishes turkesterone from conventional anabolics, to the extent that it has not been declared an illegal substance?

Turkesterone is classified as an ecdysteroid, which is a class of over 200 naturally-occurring plant hormones [2, 3].

In addition, turkesterone doesn’t cause major adverse side effects, like rashes or a possible permanent drop in hormone levels, which makes it far less dangerous than steroids. These are some of the primary differences between turkesterone and conventional anabolic steroids, which are synthetic.

gorilla mind turkesterone

Turkesterone and Bodybuilding

There are very few supplements out there that can truly match or even surpass the efficacy of anabolic steroids.

Ecdysteroids like turkesterone is one of these, as it is typically consumed by athletes looking to match the benefits of taking steroids, while avoiding the harmful side effects that usually come from taking steroids.

The consumption of ecdysteroids like turkesterone stimulates reactions in muscle tissues, enhancing the translation process of mRNA, and thus stimulating protein synthesis [8].

Research has also found that a one of the most pronounced anabolic effects that turkesterone produces is modulating the secretion of the hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal glands, which are responsible for releasing growth hormone and thus affects moth skeletal and muscular size [6].

As mentioned earlier, some bodybuilders may prefer to ‘stack’ turkesterone with its analog, ecdysterone. Adding in a quality whey protein and pre-workout supplement can also work to enhance the gains made from turkesterone.

Additionally, this naturally-occurring plant hormone can manage fat and glucose metabolism in the body, so it can also be stacked with fat loss supplements.

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone | Verdict

In conclusion…

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone is by far one of the absolute best turkesterone supplements available on the market.

Not only is it one of the most reviewed turkesterone products, but it also is claimed to have the highest level of bioavailability, which means that it can be absorbed more effectively by the body.

Ultimately, turkesterone is a generally safe compound, and is already being widely accepted as a supplement of choice by those who want to see improvement in their performance, but aren’t prepared or willing to experiment with substances that have a higher potential for causing adverse effects.

If you are serious about getting results, then we strongly recommend you pick up 3 bottles of Gorilla Mind turkesterone.

This will be enough to run a full 12-week cycle before cycling off this supplement.

So what are you waiting for?

Order Turkesterone from our top-rated USA vendor...


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