Is Hafthor Bjornsson On Steroids?

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Last Updated August 28, 2022

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 August 28, 2022


Is Hafthor Bjornsson on steroids?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Inside, you’ll find the official breakdown of whether or not Hafthor Bjornsson has ever used gear before…

Hafthor Bjornsson is one of the most famous athletes in the world. He is best known for winning the World’s Strongest Man competition in 2018, breaking the all-time deadlift world record in 2020, playing the character “The Mountain” in Game of Thrones, and of course, for beating fellow strongman competitor Eddie Hall in the boxing ring.

Some people have accused Hafthor Bjornsson of using anabolic steroids. After all, Hafthor was 450 pounds with six pack abs at his peak!

Is it really possible to become the world’s strongest man without steroids? Or did Hafthor Bjornsson use performance enhancing drugs during his career as a professional strongman? Let’s find out!

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Hafthor Bjornsson Stats

Age: 33 Years Old
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 450 lbs
Estimated Body Fat %: About 15 Percent
Nickname: "The Mountain"

What Are Steroids?

Steroids are hormones that play an extremely important role in the human body.

The most important steroid hormone is testosterone. It is responsible for regulating muscle growth, metabolism, bone growth, sexual libido, blood cell production, and many other processes in the human body.

Of course, when most people hear the word “steroids,” they immediately think of anabolic steroids that bodybuilders and other athletes sometimes use to boost their athletic performance.

Anabolic steroids are technically illegal in the United States and many other countries. However, they are still widely used by the general population.

Do you know that over 6.4% of men might have used steroids in one form or another, once in their lifetime [1]? It’s hard to believe that steroids are this common, but the truth is over 1 in 20 men around the world has used them at one point or another.

So why are anabolic steroids so popular? Research shows that they are incredibly effective at improving cardiovascular endurance, improves bone & muscle mass, and strengthening the immune system by assisting in red blood cell production [2].

Unfortunately, long-term steroid use can be extremely dangerous. Some of the adverse effects of anabolic steroid abuse include a reduction in sperm count, damage to the kidneys & liver, negative impact on the functioning of the heart, and even changes to mental wellness [3].

According to a 2021 meta-analysis study, long-term steroid abuse can cause damage to the muscular system, brain, urinary system, and reproductive system [4]. One should always stay away from steroids, even if the short-term benefits feel promising.

Hafthor Bjornsson

Signs Of Steroid Use

It is hard to know if a person is on steroids, since the effects are subtle and usually internal. But are there any obvious physical signs of long-term steroid use? The answer is a resounding yes!

Here are some of the most obvious signs that someone is using steroids [5]:

  • Prominent Jawline / Large Skull
  • Red, Oily or Flushed Skin
  • Incredibly Muscular Physique
  • Bloated Stomach
  • Massive Shoulders / Traps

Let’s take a closer look at each of these side effects.

One of the most common side effects of long-term steroid use is red, flushed skin. Many steroids, such as testosterone, actually increase the temperature of the skin. This causes the skin to take on a dark red or flushed appearance.

Another common side effect is massive shoulders and traps. These muscle groups have a large number of androgen receptors. This means that anabolic steroids stimulate massive growth in these muscle groups, so anyone with ridiculously large shoulders may in fact be a steroid user.

Other common side effects include a large, prominent jawline, a bloated stomach, or an incredibly muscular physique. If someone has most or all of these symptoms, then they may be using performance enhancing drugs to go beyond their natural limits.

Is Hafthor Bjornsson on Steroids?

Is Hafthor Bjornsson a natural athlete? Or did he use anabolic steroids to become the World’s Strongest Man? I think it’s pretty obvious that Hafthor is using gear to compete as a professional strongman, but let’s look a closer look at the evidence.

Hafthor Bjornsson has the following signs of long-term steroid use:

  • Not Drug Tested
  • Insanely Muscular
  • Incredibly Strong
  • Shredded Physique
  • Very Fast Recovery

The first sign that Hafthor Bjornsson might be using steroids is the fact that he competes in professional strongman competitions. As a professional strongman, Hafthor Bjornsson does NOT have to perform drug tests. In other words, everyone is allowed to use performance enhancing drugs.

Another big sign is his incredibly muscular physique. Hafthor Bjornsson is 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighed as much as 450 pounds for his strongman competitions! Hafthor wasn’t just another fat strongman competitor, though. Hafthor was known for competing with six pack abs!

It’s very hard to believe that a natural athlete could compete at 450 pounds with visible abs, as the biggest natural bodybuilders often weigh less than 200 pounds.

Hafthor Bjornsson has other signs of steroid use, such as his legendary strength, his shredded physique (when he switched to boxing), and his insanely fast recovery ability. Hafthor often trained 6 days per week with incredibly heavy weights to get ready for his strongman competitions!

The truth is we don’t have to guess about whether or not Hafthor used steroids. He actually admitted to using them multiple times during his career. Here is Hafthor talking about it in his own words:

“Yes, I have taken steroids. When you want to be the best, you do whatever it takes.”

Hafthor Bjornsson was willing to do whatever it took to become the strongest man in the world, and for that, he has our respect. Using steroids is ultimately a personal decision. Hafthor carefully analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of using performance enhancing drugs, and decided that it was something he needed to do if he wanted to reach his goals.

Hafthor Bjornsson Before And After Steroids

Hafthor Bjornsson has many of the usual signs of long-term steroid use, such as an insanely muscular physique and humongous shoulders / traps. But did he always look this way?

The truth is, Hafthor Bjornsson looked like a regular guy before he started competing in strongman competitions. He used to train for basketball, and he had the usual lean, athletic look of most professional basketball players.

That completely changed when he started training for the sport of strongman. Hafthor blew up in size, and quickly built a physique that no “natural” athlete can achieve. At his peak Hafthor Bjornsson was 450 pounds with a true six-pack!

Hafthor’s rapid body transformation is another big sign that he probably used performance enhancing drugs to become the World’s Strongest Man.

Hafthor Bjornsson steroids before and after

Legal Steroid Alternatives?

Hafthor Bjornsson used anabolic steroids to become “The Mountain” and win the World’s Strongest Man competition, but that doesn’t mean they are a good idea for everyone.

Steroids have many dangerous side effects, and can cause damage to the heart, liver and kidneys.

If you want to get faster results in the gym, but don’t want to deal with the dangerous side effects of performance enhancing drugs, then you may want to try a “legal steroid alternative” like ecdysterone.

Ecdysterone belongs to a family of plant steroids called ecdysteroids.

Don’t worry, ecdysterone is not a real “anabolic steroid.” It is produced by plants to speed up their growth process, and it does the same thing in humans, but it doesn’t have any side effects that you have to worry about.

Ecdysterone doesn’t cause changes in your testosterone levels the way real anabolic steroids do. Instead, it works by increasing the rate of protein synthesis in your muscle cells without impacting your hormones [6]. This results in bigger, stronger muscles and faster recovery between workouts.
In fact, research shows that ecdysterone works as well as many anabolic steroids (including dianabol) for building muscle mass and strength, but without any of the harmful side effects [7].

If you are interested in getting started with ecdysterone, then we strongly recommend the manufacturer Huge Supplements. They make all of their products right here in the US using FDA-regulated facilities, so you know you are getting the best ecdysterone product money can buy.

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Testosterone Therapy vs. Steroids

Testosterone replacement therapy is one of the safest and most effective ways to raise your total testosterone levels. Research shows that TRT is the ideal solution for men suffering from low T, or hypogonadism, as it safely raises your testosterone levels to the high-end of the normal, healthy range.

Most men report an immediate improvement in their symptoms after getting started on TRT.

Benefits of testosterone therapy may include improved cardiovascular health, enhanced muscle mass, increased endurance, and improved sexual performance [8, 9, 10].

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Hafthor Bjornsson and Steroids | Verdict

What’s the verdict – does Hafthor Bjornsson use steroids?

We believe the odds are extremely high that Hafthor Bjornsson used performance enhancing drugs to become the World’s Strongest Man.

Hafthor has many of the signs of long-term steroid use, such as an insanely muscular physique and overdeveloped body parts. He is also one of the strongest men alive, and can easily deadlift over 1,100 pounds.

Is it really possible to weigh 450 pounds with a six-pack and break the all-time deadlift world record without using anabolic steroids? The answer is obviously “no.”

Hafthor Bjornsson has even admitted to using performance enhancing drugs, saying it was a necessary decision to compete as a professional strongman. Hafthor Bjornsson only competed in competitions where steroids and other performance enhancing drugs were allowed, so Hafthor has our respect.

What’s next for Hafthor? A rematch boxing fight with the former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall? Only time will tell!


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