Is Logan Paul On Steroids? | Natty or Not

Dr. Mike Jansen

Last Updated September 28, 2022

Dr. Mike Jansen

 September 28, 2022


Is Logan Paul on steroids?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Inside, you’ll find the official breakdown of whether or not Logan Paul has ever used gear before…

Logan Paul is one of the most popular fitness influencers in the world.

He is famous for blowing up on the video-sharing app Vine, and of course, for challenging the legendary athlete Floyd Mayweather to a boxing match on June 6, 2021.

Some people have accused Logan Paul of using anabolic steroids. This is understandable, as Logan Paul has an incredible physique, complete with ripped six-pack abs and 3-D delts.

Is Logan Paul really natty? Or did he use anabolic steroids to prepare for his celebrity boxing matches?

Let’s find out!

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Logan Paul Stats

Age: Logan Paul Steroids
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 200 Pounds
Estimated Body Fat %: About 10 Percent
Nickname: The Maverick

 What Are Steroids?

Anabolic steroids are man-made chemicals that are designed to raise your total testosterone levels and other hormones.

Steroids were originally developed to treat patients suffering from low-testosterone levels and different muscle-wasting diseases. However, bodybuilders and other athletes sometimes use steroids to boost their overall athletic performance.

Research shows that steroids are extremely effective at building muscle mass and strength, as well as speeding up recovery time from intense workouts.

However, steroids have many dangerous side effects. They are also illegal in most developed countries.

Despite their status as an illegal drug, steroids are still somewhat popular.

As many as 1 million men in the United States have admitted to using steroids, and the numbers are even higher in many other countries [1].

Here are some of the benefits of anabolic steroids [2]:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Faster recovery from workouts
  • Faster recovery from injuries
  • Improved cardiovascular endurance

Unfortunately, steroids also have many dangerous side effects.

Research shows long-term steroid abuse can cause damage to your internal organs, including your heart, kidneys, and liver [3] [4].

In extreme cases, they can even result in death.

Logan Paul Steroids

Signs of Steroid Usage

These days, it seems like everyone is claiming “natty status” – even the biggest and strongest athletes in the world. But is it really possible to tell if someone is on gear?

In most cases, the answer is “yes.”

Here are some of the most common side effects of long-term steroid use:

  • Insanely Muscular Physique
  • “Growth Hormone Gut”
  • Massive Shoulders / Traps
  • Rapid Weight Gain
  • “Roid Rage”

Let’s take a closer look at each of these side effects.

One of the most common signs of long-term steroid use is an insanely muscular physique.

The truth is, it’s very hard for a natural athlete to build an insanely muscular physique. Many of the biggest natural bodybuilders in the world only weigh 180 – 200 pounds at their bodybuilding competitions.

If you see someone with an insanely muscular physique, then there is a good chance they are on gear.

Another common sign of steroid use is a “growth hormone gut.” Some drugs like insulin and growth hormone cause the internal organs to increase in size.

This gives the steroid user a large, bloated stomach – even when they are very lean.

Other signs of steroid abuse include massive shoulders / traps, rapid weight gain, and “roid rage.” If you see someone with some or all of these signs, then the odds are very high that they are on steroids.

Is Logan Paul On Steroids?

Is Logan Paul natty? Or did he use anabolic steroids to build his incredible physique? Let’s look at the facts before jumping to any conclusions.

Logan Paul has the following signs of long-term steroid use:

  • Insanely Muscular Physique
  • Rapid Body Transformation
  • Completely Shredded
  • Extreme Recovery Ability

Let’s take a closer look at each of these signs.

The biggest sign that Logan Paul might be using steroids is his insanely muscular physique.

Logan Paul is absolutely jacked, and we mean that in the best possible way. He has an extremely muscular upper body, complete with huge shoulders and arms.

In fact, Logan Paul looks bigger than some of the best natural bodybuilders in the world. And these are guys who spend their entire lives trying to build as much muscle mass as possible!

Is it really possible for someone to get that muscular without gear? Maybe… but let’s keep going.

Logan Paul has also completed some insane body transformations. He has gone from looking like a Krispy Kreeme doughnut to absolutely jacked in just a few months to get ready for his boxing matches!

Most of the time, when someone performs one of these amazing body transformations, they are using steroids.

This doesn’t mean Logan Paul is 100% using gear. However, it’s rare to see a natural transform their physique so quickly, including building muscle mass and losing body fat at the same time.

Logan Paul has some other potential signs of steroid use, including his completely shredded physique, and extreme recovery ability.

All of these factors definitely make us suspicious…

So what does Logan Paul have to say about these accusations?

The truth is, Logan Paul denies ever using anabolic steroids. He says that he competes in drug-tested boxing competitions, which proves that he is a natural athlete.

Based on our research, Logan Paul is 100% correct. He is regularly tested for his boxing matches, and he has never failed a drug test.

Based on this information alone, it’s safe to say that Logan Paul is really natty. Check it out:

“The best part about people thinking i do steroids is that i don’t do steroids.”

Logan Paul may look like he is on gear.

He has an insanely muscular physique, and he has pulled off some of the fastest body transformations I’ve ever seen.

However, Logan Paul may just be an athletic freak who is capable of these rapid transformations. Other boxers like Mike Tyson were known for their incredible physiques, and Logan Paul is probably in a similar boat.

Based on all the evidence, including his negative drug tests, we believe that Logan Paul is probably natty.

Logan Paul Before And After Steroids

Logan Paul has many of the usual signs of long-term steroid use, such as an insanely muscular physique, ripped six-pack abs, and rapid body transformations.

But did he always look this way?

The truth is, Logan Paul completely transformed his physique to compete as a professional boxer. He used to look like a regular “pretty boy” with decent abs, but very little muscle mass.

That completely changed when he decided to compete as a boxer.

He rapidly transformed his physique and put on a TON of muscle mass to get ready for his competitions.

Logan Paul may have passed his drug tests. However, we still have our suspicions on whether he is really natty…

Logan Paul steroids before and after

Legal Steroid Alternatives?

Some athletes choose to use anabolic steroids to take their physique to the next level. However, that doesn’t mean they are a good idea for everyone.

Steroids have serious side effects, and can be extremely dangerous when used improperly.

Fortunately, there are many “legal steroid alternatives” that you can use instead. These are natural products that speed up your progress in the gym, but without the dangerous side effects of traditional anabolic steroids.

Based on our research, the #1 legal steroid alternative in the world today is called turkesterone.

Turkesterone belongs to a family of “natural plant steroids” called ecdysteroids. Studies show that these plant steroids can boost protein synthesis in humans by up to 20% [5, 6]!

Indeed, many people are reporting incredible size and strength gains during their first turkesterone cycle.

Best of all, turkesterone is a natural substance with hardly any side effects.

If you are interested in getting started with turkesterone, then we strongly recommend the brand Swiss Chems. They are one of the leading turkesterone providers, as they manufacture their products right here in the United States with HPLC regulated facilities.

Click here if you want to learn more.

Testosterone Therapy vs Steroids

Testosterone replacement therapy is the fastest and most effective way to optimize your testosterone levels.

If you are suffering from symptoms of low T, then the first step is to talk to an experienced testosterone doctor. If he agrees you may have low testosterone, then he will order a comprehensive blood test to measure your total and free testosterone levels.

Next, he will use the results of your test to develop a comprehensive testosterone replacement therapy program made specifically for you.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect after getting started with TRT [7, 8, 9]:

  • Increased Muscle Strength
  • Faster Recovery From Workouts
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Better Short-Term Memory
  • Stronger Erections

As you can see, testosterone therapy has the potential to transform nearly every area of your physical and mental health.

Best of all, testosterone therapy is perfectly safe, with very few reported side effects. In fact, studies show that TRT is one of the safest medical procedures a man can use.

If you are ready to get started with testosterone therapy, then the first step is to contact a reputable online TRT clinic like Fountain TRT.

Get hormone therapy today with Fountain TRT...

Logan Paul and Steroids | Verdict

What’s the verdict – does Logan Paul use steroids?

We believe the odds are extremely low that Logan Paul used anabolic steroids to prepare for his professional boxing matches.

It’s true that Logan Paul has many signs of steroid use, such as an insanely muscular physique and rapid body transformations.

However, his physique is still achievable by a natty athlete with a little hard work. Besides, Logan Paul has been tested for steroids, and his tests always come back “negative.”

The truth is, Logan Paul probably built his physique the old-fashioned way: with hard work and a great diet.

This means you can’t use your “natty status” as an excuse for why you don’t have a phenomenal physique like Logan Paul!


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