MK-677 Benefits | What You MUST Know about this HGH Booster

Daniel Louwrens

Last Updated December 29, 2022

Daniel Louwrens

 December 29, 2022

Curious about MK-677 benefits? Then you’re in the right place, as we detail why so many athletes and bodybuilders have been using this over-the-counter supplement as of late.

MK 677 has been all the rave lately, with claims of not only being good for building muscle and losing fat, but also being exceptional from a longevity standpoint. It’s time we took a deep dive into what is found in reality about this research chemical.

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What is MK-677?

In case you haven’t noticed, SARMs, or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, have been taking the health and fitness industry by storm. These research chemicals were developed to replace steroids in the medical field, as they have less androgenic side effects than many traditional anabolic steroids.

MK-677 often gets classified as a SARM. However, in reality MK-677 is not a SARM, or even a research chemical. MK-677 is technically a research chemical. MK 677 was originally patented in 1995 as a growth hormone secretagogue.

This chemical does not bind to the androgen receptors in the body in the way that SARMs and anabolic steroids do. Instead, it binds to the pituitary gland located inside the research subject’s brain. MK-677 was developed as a medical research chemical to enhance the release of growth hormone in individuals who are suffering from a growth hormone deficiency [1, 2].

Research shows that individuals with low growth hormone may suffer from a variety of symptoms, including increased adipose tissue, depression, fatigue, sensitivity to heat and cold, and a general feeling of illness [3].

Studies have shown that MK-677 can increase growth hormone and IGF-1 production in otherwise healthy research subjects. Researchers have shown that MK-677 has many physiological benefits for healthy males such as increased muscle retention, increased fat loss, and increased recovery rates between training sessions [1, 2].


MK-677 Benefits

As beforementioned, the main benefit of using MK-677 is going to be the ability to stimulate the release of Growth Hormone and IGF-1 into the body. Compared to just using exogenous growth hormone, MK-677 will not downregulate the subjects own endogenous production of growth hormone.

Benefits of MK-677 include [2, 4, 5, 6, 7]:

  • Increased levels of Growth Hormone levels. Increased growth hormone levels have been associated with increased fat loss, improved muscle recovery, muscle hypertrophy, as well as a general increase in life quality. Increased growth hormone levels can also increase recovery rates between injuries as it can promote the growth of cartilage.
  • Increased levels of IGF-1. IGF-1 can significantly increase muscle growth capabilities. This is because IGF-1 can potentiate skeletal muscle by activating stem (satellite) cells, which in the long run will dramatically improve muscular hypertrophy.
  • Increased Bone Density. Some studies have shown that MK-677 has been linked to improved bone health and density, which in turn can not only help with strength training, but can improve everyday functionality as well.
  • Improved Sleep. A study published in 1998 found that MK-677 can significantly improve sleep quality as well as help with correcting relative hypogonadotropic of senescence.
  • Combats Aging. Growth hormone has the nickname of “the youth drug”, as it’s effects on joint -, skin -, and mental health are quite advantageous. By stimulating the release of endogenous growth hormone, it has many of the same effects.

The great thing about MK-677 is that it will not down regulate the production of endogenous Growth Hormone. Using exogenous Growth Hormone has been found to downregulate production [8]. Therefore, using a growth hormone secretagogue (something that just increases endogenous production of Growth Hormone) could be more advantageous in the long run

Is MK-677 Safe?

MK 677, like most research chemicals, must still undergo a great deal of research before any blanket statements can be made. That being said, there are plenty of studies showing that MK-677 is perfectly to use with research subjects.

While MK-677 is safe to administer in controlled studies, it does come with some side effects: [9, 10, 11, 12, 13]:

  • Increased Insulin Resistance. With an increase in growth hormone levels in the body, we see a corresponding increase in levels of free fatty acids due to lipolysis. While this is perfect from a fat loss perspective, if the individual isn’t following a calorie restricting diet, it may lead to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance can lead to an increase in adipose tissue, and if left untreated, could lead to more serious complications like a pre diabetic state.
  • Increased Water Retention. Growth Hormone is known to increase water retention in the body, since it is an activator of the renal transporter of sodium. Increased water retention has been linked to a corresponding increase in blood pressure.
  • Increased Apatite. MK-677 is a mimic of the ghrelin hormone, which can signal the brain that the individual needs food, thus increasing hunger.

While MK-677 has been shown to be safe in a few studies, various independent researches have been using MK 677 for the physiological benefits, and few if any, experience significant adverse effects. That being said, more academic research is needed.

How to Take MK-677 | What You MUST Know

Like with most research chemicals on the market today, MK 677 comes in various forms to administer to the body. These include:

  • Powdered MK-677
  • Injectable MK-677
  • Oral Liquid Mk-677
  • Oral Capsule MK-677

Each of the administration methods will have its own benefits and drawbacks, such as the fact that using an oral liquid version of MK-677 does not require piercing of the skin, which lowers the risk of infection.

Because of the side effects associated with MK-677, which have been discussed above, research subjects who use MK-677 will be limited with the number of cycles they can run over the period of a year. The biggest concern would simply be checking blood pressure, resting blood glucose levels, as well as cholesterol levels. If these are in check, subjects could be looking at using MK-677 for 1 – 2 cycles per year to reap the rewards of increased growth hormone.

If taken in an environment where calories are not restricted, it would also be beneficial to keep watch on your resting blood sugar and glucose levels, as it has been shown that MK 677 can increase insulin sensitivity. This would usually be undone if the user would to use a calorie restricting diet whilst on cycle.


Best MK-677 Supplements | 2023 Edition

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Benefits of MK-677 | Overall

Research chemicals have been tested by academics as well as independent researches with great success, and MK-677 seems to be leading the pack. With various benefits such as increased fat loss, improved sleep, and just a general increase in life quality, MK-677 could very well be a great addition to a supplement regime.

While safety is still advised, studies have found that conservative dosing over a conservative period of time has been nothing but beneficial to the test subjects. That being said, more research would always be welcomed.


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