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Dr. Mike Jansen

Last Updated September 5, 2022

Dr. Mike Jansen

 September 5, 2022

Curious about Muscle Empire ecdysterone?

Do you want to know how Muscle Empire ecdysterone stacks up against other leading brands, and if it really is one of the best ecdysterone products on the market today?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Inside this Muscle Empire ecdysterone review, we detail why this is one of the best legal steroid alternatives on the market.

We also answer your most important questions, including:

  •  What is ecdysterone?
  •  Why is everyone “stacking” ecdysterone?
  •  Is Muscle Empire really a reliable supplement brand?

…And much more!

Our team has compiled several pertinent studies conducted on ecdysterone, how it is consumed, and how to cycle it for optimal results.

After reading this in-depth guide, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision on Muscle Empire ecdysterone, including exactly where to go to pick up your first bottle.

Now let’s get started!

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What is Ecdysterone?

What do plants like Rhaponticum Carthamoides, Maral Root, Cordyceps Sinensis, Achyranthes Bidentata, and Serratula have in common? They all produce a special hormone that is taking the bodybuilding and fitness community by storm: ecdysterone [1].

Also known as 20-beta-hydroxyecdysterone or ecdysone, ecdysterone is a naturally-occurring group of plant hormones called phytoecdysteroids, or just ecdysteroids [2].

While dedicated research on ecdysterone and other ecdysteroids only began recently in the 1960s, several cultures based around central Asia have used plants containing ecdysterone and other ecdysteroids like turkesterone to obtain certain health benefits [3].

Ecdysteroids can also be found in the bodies of arthropod insects, like butterflies.

What Are Ecdysteroids?

If we look closely, ecdysterone has the prefix ‘ecdy’, which refers to the process of ecdysis, or shedding of the outer layer. Essentially, with arthropods, ecdysterone serves the purpose of helping them with molting.

Besides ecdysterone, over 200 different types of ecdysteroids have been isolated, although very few of them have data from human trials [3].

Plants like spinach and quinoa produce ecdysterone, just like humans produce hormones like testosterone and estrogen. Oddly enough, ecdysterone and testosterone share a very similar molecular structure [3].

Ecdysteroids Vs Anabolic Steroids

To make a long story short, no, ecdysterone isn’t a steroid – at least, not in the traditional sense. It’s different from steroids commonly used in bodybuilding, like dianabol or trenbolone, because it won’t lead to spikes or troughs in hormonal levels in humans [3].

However, scientists have found that ecdysterone supplements can produce anabolic benefits similar to the commonly used and powerful oral steroid, dianabol [4, 5].

Recently, the mainstream media and a growing number of personal anecdotes have placed the spotlight on what ecdysterone is, as well as the benefits ecdysterone can have for humans [6].

Ecdysteroid supplements such as ecdysterone or turkesterone are mainly consumed by athletes or bodybuilders seeking to enhance their performance, but who also want to avoid the harmful side effects of anabolic steroids.

This is one reason why ecdysterone is marketed as a ‘natural alternative to steroids’.

Muscle Empire Ecdysterone

Who Is Muscle Empire?

We were determined to discover and learn more about the most reputable online supplement vendors selling ecdysterone.

This is when we came across Muscle Empire – a private limited supplement company established in 2016 in the United Kingdom. Muscle Empire provides pure, high-quality supplements that actually work.

All of their products are certified Non-GMO [7, 8].

When it comes to shipping, Muscle Empire Ecdysterone can be sent to any country.

One thing to keep in mind, is that Muscle Empire does not sell their own products on their own website. Instead, they partner with other reputable vendors, such as Amazon and HR supplements. With that said, shipping details can vary.

Benefits of Ecdysterone

Does ecdysterone actually work? What effects does ecdysterone have?

While most ecdysteroids have not been studied enough to provide conclusive data about their effects, especially on humans, ecdysterone stands out. In fact, plenty of scientifically vetted information exists from human trials involving ecdysterone, which has reported a number of powerful advantages for bodybuilders and athletes in several fields.

First and foremost, people will consume ecdysterone to increase lean muscle mass and to improve the quality of their workouts.

The intended purpose of Beta-Ecdysterone is to encourage both cellular and muscular recovery, which is achieved through stimulating protein synthesis to levels as high as 20% more than normal.

Data has also been found to suggest that ecdysterone can cause increases in both skeletal muscle mass and muscle protein [3, 8].

If you’re looking to lose a few pounds, then ecdysterone can also be of use.

A study conducted in Russia found that research volunteers following an exercise regimen involving both resistance and endurance training for three weeks saw an average reduction of up to 14% in body fat [2].

One of the key benefits of ecdysterone has been vast improvements in endurance and stamina. Ecdysterone trials in swimmers were found to increase their endurance by over 20% in comparison to a placebo group, which meant that they could stay moving in the water for much longer.

It was also found to improve the ability of mice to run for up to 32% longer before reaching exhaustion [2].

Muscle fibers grow and repair themselves when athletes can get sufficient rest.

In this regard, ecdysterone is also immensely helpful, as studies have shown that an improvement in appetite, sleep, and the general physical and mental state of human subjects have been recorded, without adverse side effects [9, 10].

Muscle Empire Ecdysterone Review

Since ecdysterone has gathered more attention recently, it has also generated confusion and doubt. This is understandable since new bodybuilding supplements tend to be met with some skepticism – especially when it’s claimed that they’re a ‘natural steroid alternative’.

We understand that choosing a vendor to make your purchase from isn’t always easy.

With that in mind, our supplement experts decided to do some digging on which ecdysterone supplement would give you the absolute best value.

After some having a look around, our team discovered Muscle Empire.

When this article was written, Muscle Empire Ecdysterone had 21 total reviews from verified customers – a strong indication that their product is legitimate and effective [8].

According to these reviews, customers noticed many of the benefits of Muscle Empire Ecdysterone that we’ve discussed here in this article [8]:

“I have been taking for about a month and have already noticed a difference. I have not changed my eating, but have lost a few pounds of fat without losing muscle. In fact, my chest and shoulders have seemed to grow a little. Being 46, the best part of taking this is the recovery. I am able to go harder than usual each workout and still recover by the next session.”

“This stuff actually works. After about two or three months you will notice more energy, appetite increase, etc.”

“I’m giving the product a 5 because I like, and believe in, the results of ecdysterone. I feel more full (muscle wise) on it too. […] I will also say that Muscle empire/Hard Rhino gave good communication and great customer service!”

Something unique about Muscle Empire Ecdysterone, is that they sell both a capsule form and a powder form, so you can choose whichever one suits your preference.

This is a convenient alternative to most supplement stores that only sell a capsule form of ecdysterone.

While most supplement products aren’t usually too clear on where their ingredients are sourced from, Muscle Empire Ecdysterone is very up front in stating that their ecdysterone is extracted from Cyanotis Arachnoidea, a plant native to China.

Muscle Empire Ecdysterone also has a distinct feature where you can scan a QR code printed on the bottle to access a certificate of authenticity of the product. This is beneficial because it lends more legitimacy to the product and to the company, as it shows transparency on their part.

With all that in mind, Muscle Empire Ecdysterone is a prime choice for a potent legal steroid alternative for athletes looking to increase their performance, without incurring possible health issues.

Click here to find out if Muscle Empire Ecdysterone is right for you.


Is Ecdysterone a Steroid?

The terms ‘legal steroid alternative’ or ‘natural steroid’ can lead potential consumers to skewed conclusions about ecdysterone.

Here are the facts: ecdysterone is not legally considered to be an anabolic androgenic steroid.

Several studies have shown that ecdysterone induces anabolic effects in human subjects, such as improved strength, increases in muscle mass, heightened stamina, and an increased rate of recovery.

These effects are achieved by stimulating the activity of polyribosomes – the cytoplasmic parts in cells where protein synthesis occurs [5].

It’s also important to point out the ways in which ecdysterone differs from anabolics.

For starters, it doesn’t lead to increases in blood pressure [6]. In fact, studies have shown that ecdysterone can actually help ease high blood pressure and prevent dilated cardiac hypertrophy [9].

You also don’t have to worry about the harmful side effects of anabolic steroids, such as decreased testosterone production or liver toxicity, when cycling ecdysterone in a responsible manner [10].

Unlike anabolic steroids, ecdysterone does not bind to the androgen receptors in the human body and does not cause major changes in your hormone levels.

While ecdysterone has often been compared to anabolic steroids in terms of its effects and molecular structure, it does differ in some major ways, which has led to it being categorized and treated as separate from anabolic androgenic steroids.

Is Ecdysterone Safe?

Ecdysterone is extremely safe when taken at a reasonable dosage. In fact, ecdysterone is only toxic in mammals when consumed at a level of 7 grams per kilogram of bodyweight… a dose which would probably be impossible to take all in one go [5, 10].

Although a lack of potential toxicity is an important factor to consider regarding the safety of this substance, how else can we know it’s safe to take?

As was pointed out a bit earlier, ecdysterone is also safer than steroids because it does not cause hormonal imbalances in humans. In other words, it won’t crash testosterone levels in males once a cycle is over, which means a post-cycle therapy, or PCT, isn’t required [10].

Of course, new research is always being carried out, and so experimenting with a relatively new supplement like ecdysterone should be done with caution.

Is Ecdysterone Legal?

Ecdysterone is currently legal and available as an over-the-counter supplement.

This is an important distinction to make between Ecdysterone and traditional anabolic and androgenic steroids. As mentioned in this guide, Ecdysterone is not classified as an anabolic steroid, and is therefore completely legal to purchase, possess, or consume in the United States.

Even if Ecdysterone is added to the list of banned substances by WADA, this would only prohibit athletes competing in professional sports from using Ecdysterone or Beta-Ecdysterone.

Recreational athletes taking ecdysterone would not be subject to arrest or legal prosecution if found selling, buying, possessing, or consuming Ecdysterone.

Of course, several bodybuilding supplements have eventually been deemed illegal, especially when they see a surge in popular use.

One example of this would be Superdrol, a pro-hormone that was being marketed in various forums and supplement stores as a ‘legal steroid’, was made illegal according to both the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004 and Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2012 [11, 12].

Whether Ecdysterone will be added to the list of controlled substances by the DEA is currently unknown.

Is Ecdysterone a Banned Substance?

The world of professional sports has seen several athletes publicly shamed and singled out for their use of performance-enhancing substances.

So, is ecdysterone one of these banned substances? Is ecdysterone banned in professional sports?

While ecdysterone is now on the monitoring list for WADA (the World Anti-Doping Agency), it hasn’t been banned outright. A German study from 2019 was concluded that ecdysterone was far too potent to be used freely by athletes, and should to be added to their list of prohibited substances [13].

If that happens, ecdysterone will then join the company of several other banned substances, like beta-blockers, narcotics, stimulants, diuretics, and of course, anabolic steroids.

Ecdysterone and Bodybuilding

Despite their side effects, anabolic steroids do tend to reliably produce specific benefits when taken at the proper dosage.

Unfortunately, many athletes choose not to take them because of the required of needles.

In contract, ecdysterone is usually taken orally – typically, in the form of capsules or raw powder, as with Muscle Empire Ecdysterone. As a result, it’s much more accessible and practical to use.

Strength athletes and bodybuilders will usually take their allotted dose of ecdysterone in the morning on an empty stomach. Others will prefer to break up the dose into two portions – one in the morning, and one in the evening. Based on the limited data available, we would recommend cycling this substance for 8-12 weeks at a time, and running no more than 2 cycles per year [6, 14].

Although most supplement vendors dose a serving of ecdysterone at about 500 mg, research has found that the effects can be noticed at far lower quantities. An ecdysterone dosage of 2 grams per day on middle-aged subjects was tested in a recent study from 2021.

As with nearly every study conducted on the subject, there was a notable increase in the participants’ lean muscle mass and strength, with no side effects being reported [11].


Muscle Empire Ecdysterone | Verdict

In conclusion…

Muscle Empire ecdysterone is one of the premier ecdysterone products on the market today.

Chiefly, that they sell ecdysterone both in form of powder and in capsules. Customers can also scan their bottle’s QR code to view a certificate of authenticity, which definitely makes their product seem more legitimate.

This is great news, as ecdysterone has been proven in multiple research studies to have anabolic and androgenic effects on par or even greater than some steroids, such as dianabol or trenbolone.

It’s been documented to produce beneficial effects for bodybuilders and athletes, like increased strength, muscle mass, improved recovery time, and even fat loss.

If you’re serious about getting faster gains in the gym, then adding Muscle Empire ecdysterone to your current supplement stack is the obvious choice.

So what are you waiting for?

Pick up a bottle of Muscle Empire Ecdysterone today and watch your gains shoot through the roof!


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