Is Stan Efferding On Steroids?

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Last Updated September 10, 2022

TRT Trey

 September 10, 2022


Is Stan Efferding on steroids?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Inside, you’ll find the official breakdown of whether or not Stan Efferding has ever used gear before…

Stan Efferding is one of the biggest names in the fitness industry today. He is famous for breaking numerous all-time powerlifting world records, for holding the title of the World’s Strongest Bodybuilder, and of course, for inventing his world-famous Vertical Diet.

Stan Efferding clearly has great genetics for bodybuilding and powerlifting. However, some people have accused him of using on his quest to become the World’s Strongest Bodybuilder.

So what’s the verdict – is Stan Efferding natty? Or did he use anabolic steroids on his quest for world domination? Let’s find out!

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Stan Efferding Stats

Age: 54 Years Old
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 255 Pounds
Estimated Body Fat %: About 5 Percent
Nickname: Rhino

What Are Steroids?

Anabolic steroids are extremely popular with bodybuilders and other athletes. But what are they, and what do they do to the human body?

The truth is steroids are a special type of performance enhancing drug. They are used to raise testosterone and other muscle-building hormones to extremely high levels.

Steroids can be dangerous, but many men are willing to accept these risks in order to make faster progress in the gym. At least 1 million men in the United States have experimented with steroids before, and the worldwide steroid use rate is about 1 in 20 men [1].

Bodybuilders have used anabolic steroids sense at least the 1960’s and 70’s when Arnold Schwarzenegger was the reigning Mr. Olympia champion.

Scientific studies and real-world experience both confirm that steroids are extremely effective at building muscle mass and strength, as well as dropping body fat and improving overall athletic performance [2].

Unfortunately, steroids also have many dangerous side effects.

Performance enhancing drugs like testosterone have been shown to raise blood pressure, thicken the blood, cause dangerous changes in your cholesterol levels, and even cause structural damage to the heart [3] [4].

Anyone interested in using anabolic steroids needs to do their research and carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of these performance enhancing drugs.

Stan Efferding Steroids

Signs of Steroid Usage

How can you tell if someone like Stan Efferding is on gear? One strategy is to look and see if they have any signs of steroid abuse.

Here are some of the most common side effects of long-term steroid use:

  • Rapid Body Transformation
  • Massive Shoulders / Traps
  • Square Shaped Physique
  • “Joe Rogan Gut”
  • Insanely Defined Jawline

Let’s take a closer look at each of these side effects.

Maybe the biggest sign of steroid use is an extremely rapid body transformation. Building muscle mass takes a long time, but steroids are known to speed up this process. Many first-time steroid users can gain 20-30 pounds of muscle in as little as 3-4 months!

If you see someone make this kind of physique transformation, then they are probably on gear.

Another obvious sign of steroid use is massive shoulders and traps. Research shows these muscle groups have a large number of androgen receptors, and grow extremely fast in the presence of supra-physiological testosterone levels.

If someone has shoulders like Derek from More Plates More Dates, then they are probably a juice monkey.

Other signs of steroid use include a square shaped physique, a “Joe Rogan gut,” or an insanely strong jawline.

Is Stan Efferding On Steroids?

Is Stan Efferding natty? Or did he use anabolic steroids to become the World’s Strongest Bodybuilder? Let’s look at the facts before jumping to any conclusions.

Stan Efferding has the following signs of long-term steroid use:

  • Insanely Muscular Physique
  • Super Human Strength
  • Extreme Muscle Thickness
  • Completely Shredded Physique

As you can see, Stan Efferding has many of the most common signs of long-term steroid use. In our opinion, the biggest sign that Stan is on gear is his insanely muscular physique.

Stan Efferding is 6 feet 1 inches tall and weighed as much as 245 pounds in his bodybuilding competitions. In other words, Stan was bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger when he won the Mr. Olympia competition!

Stan Efferding is also freaky strong. Here are some of his best lifts:

  • Squat: 854 pounds
  • Bench Press: 606 pounds
  • Deadlift: 837 pounds

Incredible! Stan Efferding was so strong that he earned the title of the World’s Strongest Bodybuilder. It’s hard to imagine a natural athlete getting this strong, so Stan was clearly using gear to get ready for his powerlifting competitions.

So what does Stan have to say about these accusations?

The truth is Stan Efferding has openly admitted to using anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

Stan says that he used larger doses of steroids earlier in his career. However, when he went to work with the legendary Flex Wheeler to train to win his IFBB pro card, he actually used less gear and got better results.

“And I can tell you without being specific that Flex Wheeler, when I went to work with him, put me on about half or less.”

Here is the exact steroid cycle that Stan Efferding got his best results from, as he explained in the Mind Pump podcast:

  • 100 mg of test prob every other day
  • 100 mg of mastron every other day
  • 37.5 mg of Tren every other day
  • 50 mg of Winstrol every other day
  • 2 IU’s of growth hormone 5 days per week

This cycle is FAR lower than what many amateur bodybuilders are currently taking.

Stan believes that lower dosages of anabolic steroids, combined with perfect training and nutrition, will give you better results than loading up on gear and training like an über-dweeb.

“No, seriously – this is what I took when I turned pro! That was the best I ever looked.”

Of course, we are NOT recommending that anyone copy Stan Efferding’s steroid cycle.

It’s just interesting to see someone like Stan get better overall results on lower doses of performance enhancing drugs than many professional bodybuilders and powerlifters.

The bottom line is yes, Stan Efferding used steroids to become the World’s Strongest Bodybuilder.

He is very open about his status as an “enhanced” athlete, and for that, he has our respect.

Stan Efferding Before And After Steroids

Stan Efferding has many of the usual signs of long-term steroid use, such as an insanely muscular physique, super-human strength, and extreme muscle density.

But did he always look this way?

The truth is, Stan Efferding wasn’t always the “mass monster” that we know today. Stan weighed less than 140 pounds in college, and he was only 160 pounds when he competed in his first bodybuilding competition.

Stan added almost 100 pounds from his first bodybuilding competition to the 2009 Masters Nationals Bodybuilding Championships, where he won first place and earned his IFBB pro card.

It’s virtually impossible for a natural bodybuilder to add 100 pounds of raw muscle mass after their first competition, so it’s safe to say that Stan Efferding is on gear.

Stan Efferding steroids before and after

Legal Steroid Alternatives?

Stan Efferding may have used anabolic steroids to become the strongest bodybuilder in the world, but that doesn’t mean they are a good idea for most people.

Steroids have many dangerous side effects, and can even result in death when used improperly for long periods of time.

Fortunately, you don’t have to use steroids to get great results in the gym.

Stan Efferding believes his Vertical Diet is the key to transforming your body, but another great strategy is to use a research-based “legal steroid alternative” like ecdysterone.

Here’s what you need to know: ecdysterone is a natural substance found in many plants like spinach and quinoa.

If you are following Stan Efferding’s Vertical Diet, then you are already getting some ecdysterone each day. However, to get the full benefits of this legal steroid alternative, you need to take an ecdysterone supplement.

We recommend you take a dose of 500 mg per day, as this dose has been shown to maximize the benefits of ecdysterone, while having zero side effects.

Here are a few of the benefits that you can expect when using ecdysterone:

  • Improved Muscle Mass
  • Decreased Body Fat
  • Faster Strength Gains
  • Faster Recovery

Talk about a powerful supplement!

Ecdysterone works by increasing the rate of protein synthesis inside your muscle cells. Recent studies show that ecdysterone increases muscle protein synthesis by as much as 20%, making it as effective as many anabolic steroids, like dianabol [5, 6].

If you are ready to get started with ecdysterone, then you have to check out the online vendor Huge Supplements. They manufacture all of their ecdysterone right here in the US, so you never have to worry about the quality of their products.

Here is where you can learn more:

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Testosterone Therapy vs. Steroids

Testosterone replacement therapy is a research-based treatment option for men suffering from symptoms of low T.

TRT is used to raise men’s testosterone levels to the high end of the healthy, normal range.

In other words, the goal is to give you the testosterone levels of a healthy 18 year-old. This will eliminate your symptoms of low T, while simultaneously giving you many other benefits, including [7, 8, 9]:

  • A Leaner, More Muscular Physique
  • Stronger Erections
  • Improved Metabolic Markers
  • Improved Bone Density
  • Better Short-Term Memory

Talk about a powerful treatment option! Don’t worry – testosterone replacement therapy is perfectly safe.

The latest scientific studies show that TRT is extremely effective at resolving symptoms of low T, and has almost zero long-term side effects. If you are ready to get started with TRT, then we strongly recommend the online provider Fountain TRT.

This online clinic was founded by Dr. Doron Stember, a board-certified urologist with many years of experience treating men with symptoms of low T.

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Stan Efferding and Steroids | Verdict

What’s the verdict – does Stan Efferding use steroids?

We believe the odds are extremely high that Stan Efferding used anabolic steroids to become the World’s Strongest Bodybuilder.

Stan Efferding has many of the usual signs of long-term steroid use, such as super human strength, extreme muscle thickness, and an insanely muscular physique.

Stan is known for his legendary strength in the gym, as he can easily incline bench press 500 pounds for reps and squat / deadlift over 800 pounds. Stan also weighed as much as 245 pounds for his bodybuilding competitions, which means he was bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was the reigning Mr. Olympia competition.

It’s clearly impossible for someone to get this big and strong as a drug-free athlete, so it’s safe to say Stan is on gear. Besides, Stan Efferding openly admitted to using steroids in the past, and even detailed the exact steroid cycle he used to win his IFBB pro card.

Stan Efferding decided to use steroids to achieve his bodybuilding and powerlifting goals, but they are not a good idea for most people.

If you still want to optimize your testosterone levels, then you may want to talk to your doctor about testosterone replacement therapy.

Here at, we really like the online TRT provider Fountain TRT, as they have a long history of getting superior results for their patients.

If you aren’t ready to get started with testosterone therapy, then a great legal steroid alternative like ecdysterone is another fantastic option.


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