3 Best Testosterone Replacement Therapy Clinics in Fresno

Dr. Diana Rangave

Last Updated August 24, 2022

Dr. Diana Rangave

 August 24, 2022

Looking for testosterone replacement therapy in Fresno?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Inside, you’ll find the official Testosterone.org rankings for the best TRT clinics in the Fresno metro area.

We’ll also go over your online TRT clinic options.

Fresno is a great destination for reputable testosterone replacement therapy clinics. Whether you’re looking to start low T therapy or want to switch providers, you are sure to find a top-notch Fresno TRT clinic, staffed with qualified professionals who deliver guaranteed results.

Read on to learn all you need to know about Fresno testosterone replacement therapy clinics. We will explore the many proven benefits of TRT therapy, as well as the top 3 low T clinics in Fresno. Plus, our useful guide offers expert tips on choosing the best TRT clinics, including both online and traditional options.

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What is Testosterone Therapy?

Before diving into TRT clinics in Fresno, let’s explore the basics of testosterone therapy. Testosterone is a hormone present in both men and women that plays a vital role in many physical processes, from the regulation of bone and muscle composition to mental and sexual health. As the primary male sex hormone, testosterone plays a key role in men’s overall well-being.

Unfortunately, male testosterone levels naturally decline with age, typically peaking in the late 20s or early 30s. Genetics and health conditions can affect the rate and symptoms of testosterone decrease. There are many undesirable effects of low T, including sexual dysfunction, diminished physical performance, weight gain, and depression [1, 2].

The good news is that men diagnosed with low testosterone can restore their optimal hormone levels with an effective regimen of testosterone replacement therapy, overseen by licensed professionals. Unlike the unsupervised use of black market steroids, which are linked to a range of adverse effects, doctor-supervised testosterone therapy is proven to safely enhance vitality and health in men who suffer from low testosterone [3, 4]. Here are some of the major benefits of testosterone therapy:

  • Boost in sexual performance and reproductive health [1, 2, 5].
  • Improved body composition with increased lean muscle mass [4, 6, 7].
  • Higher energy levels [1, 2].
  • Enhanced mood and cognitive function [8, 9, 10].
  • Increased cardiovascular and metabolic health [5, 6, 11].

As the field of hormone replacement medicine evolves, so too does our knowledge of additional benefits of testosterone therapy. For example, clinical studies since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic offer compelling evidence that testosterone plays a role in healthy male immune response [12].

Visit a quality low T clinic in Fresno to enjoy these life-changing health benefits, and many more.

Therapy Clinics in Fresno

What to Look for in a Fresno Testosterone Clinic?

To optimize the safety and effectiveness of your treatment, choose a Fresno TRT clinic that features the following [13, 14]:

  1. Qualified practitioners: Not all medical professionals have the proper experience and knowledge to deliver the best course of therapy. Look for centers with Board-Certified Physicians and seasoned specialists in urology, endocrinology, or related sub-fields.
  2. Proper diagnosis: Low T has multiple causes with variable prognoses. TRT clinics should offer full physical examinations and blood tests that account for both symptoms and hormone levels to achieve an accurate diagnosis and course of therapy.
  3. Customizable treatment: The effectiveness of TRT varies with the length of treatment as well as the delivery method used, including injections, topical gels, and oral administration. Choose providers that offer a range of administration options to ensure that you receive the optimal benefits of TRT.
  4. Careful monitoring: Experts agree that full blood labs are required every three to six months in TRT patients to verify the effectiveness and safety of the treatment. Your provider should also be readily available to answer all your questions as they arise.
  5. Convenient and accessible location: TRT therapy requires regular visits to your low T doctor. Keep this in mind as you plan your treatment and select a location that you will realistically frequent.

Follow these guidelines for the best results when choosing a TRT therapy provider in Fresno.

TRT Clinics in Fresno

With the above standards in mind, we have conducted an expert survey of the best testosterone replacement therapy clinics in Fresno. Here are our top 3 recommendations for Fresno TRT providers:

  1. Urology Associates of Central California – 7014 N Whitney Avenue, Fresno, CA 93720This clinic is located just north of the thriving Hoover neighborhood, home to California State University Fresno and a host of affordable shopping and entertainment options. It is easily accessible to residents of Fresno as well as neighboring Clovis.
  2. Optimal Medical Group – 7206 N Milburn Ave #106A, Fresno, CA 93722Located in the scenic northwestern Bullard district, Optimal Medical Group is a convenient choice that serves residents throughout central and western Fresno County.
  3. Pure Health and Wellness Center – 6065 N First St, Fresno, CA 93710Centrally located in the heart of the Hoover neighborhood, Pure Health and Wellness Center is just off the Yosemite Freeway, a great option for residents of Fresno proper as well as commuters from the northern and southern regions of the Central Valley.

You can’t go wrong with any one of these low T clinics, staffed with the best TRT doctors in Fresno. Choose the one that best fits your location, price range, and needs.


Best Testosterone Clinics in Fresno

Now, let’s take a closer look at the top testosterone clinics in Fresno:

1. Urology Associates of Central California

Founded over twenty years ago by a team of Board-Certified urologists, this innovative treatment center covers all areas of urologic care. The facility’s testosterone therapy specialists offer comprehensive diagnostics, including blood tests and thorough physical exams, as well as five different testosterone administration methods with regular follow-ups.

This clinic accepts all major insurance providers and features low or no-interest credit payment options. Enjoy trusted care from this first-rate low T doctor in Fresno, located in the heart of the city.

Andrew McLawsAndrew McLaws
18:32 09 Sep 22
Love Dr. Alvi and his staff. Kidney stones gone and feeling 1000% better. I highly recommend Dr. Alvi to anyone needing urological help. He really solved my kidney problems that had plagued me for many years.
Lesa WickLesa Wick
16:19 17 Jun 22
I don't think I have ever experienced such an inexperienced group of people! I have left numerous messages regarding a bill they've sent me a have not received any phone calls from them or the management company they have hired to manage their billing. I wish I would have never gone there. What a mistake that was!
JB DyerJB Dyer
17:41 16 Jun 22
No one answers the phone or returns messages. I have been asking the front desk to have my prescription sent to my pharmacy for SEVEN WEEKS. This is unacceptable.Dr. Woodruff was great though. If only his staff was as good; without that, what good is a doctor?
Marilyn AunchmanMarilyn Aunchman
13:46 05 Apr 22
My husband is satisfied with Dr.Alvi, but his support staff is absolutely terrible to deal with. They don't answer the phone nor do they return calls. It's almost impossible to get tests scheduled in a timely manner. My husband is seriously considering switching to another urologist.
Bob HunterBob Hunter
18:16 23 Mar 22
Left three messages, no returned calls. Cannot schedule my surgery which needs to be done. No one answers calls. The lights are on, no one is home. During my recent exam, personnel at front desk was watching Netflix. This place is not prepared to handle patients.

2. Optimal Medical Group

This top-rated clinic was founded by experienced Board-Certified Physicians Dr. Juan Chavez and Dr. Lucia Mireles-Chavez, specializing in advanced age management medical techniques. The holistic range of services includes low testosterone diagnosis and intervention with customized treatment methods. The private practice is one of the most popular choices for quality TRT therapy in Fresno.

Optimal Medical Group is a deluxe provider that offers multiple membership options, with comprehensive initial consults priced at $1,250- $2,500, and monthly fees of $150-$300. For premium TRT therapy in Fresno, this is a great choice.

Optimal Medical Group
Based on 91 reviews
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Tara BentonTara Benton
20:33 18 Oct 22
Three months ago I was in the worst shape of my life. Optimal Medical Group is so kind and supportive. Dr Lucia and trainer JZ are absolutely awesome and taught me a new lifestyle. I lost 30 lbs in three months and I am still loosing even after the program. I feel great. This has been a great experience and I would recommend the weight loss program to anyone looking to better themselves.
Brittany FontesBrittany Fontes
18:42 15 Oct 22
Optimal Medical Group is an amazing boutique practice in which helps patients with improving overall health, mentally and physically. Whether you are looking for hormone therapy, fat loss, reducing stress, increasing bone density, improving dietary options, improving physical fitness, skin care, the list just keeps going on…. Optimal Medical group is a one stop shop for all your needs. They truly devote their time and effort to each patient. As I turned 40, I have never felt stronger, leaner, and mentally balanced.
Angie SilvaAngie Silva
02:16 18 Aug 22
The medical weight loss program is beyond anything I expected. I feel supported, educated, and successful already (only 3 weeks into the 12 week program). It seems impossible to not succeed with this program.This is my first weight loss experience where I wasn’t starving and miserable. I’m eating a ton of vegetables and protein. I always feel satiated and I have lots of energy! At 3 weeks I’m down about 6 pounds, my goal being 20.Many thanks to Dr. Lucia, JZ, Sam and Ashley.
Patrick MoodyPatrick Moody
18:21 12 Jul 22
My wife and I have been patients at Optimal Medical Group for a couple of years now. As an attorney with over 30 years of striving for excellence in client service, I expect other professionals to deliver the type of service I deliver to my clients. We have been thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and levels of service we receive at OMG. I have a number of health issues that can be quite challenging when considered in connection with one another. During my first visit with Dr. Chavez, we were discussing a couple of my issues. He actually called some of the specialists that I see for specific issues right there on the spot, which I have never seen another doctor do. He regularly has staff reach out to me to see if I need anything in specific. Again, we are quite impressed with the level of service we receive at OMG. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Bill SciacquaBill Sciacqua
21:18 15 Jun 22
Being able to participate in the Optimal Medical Group program has been incredible. My overall health has drastically improved. The weight loss I have experienced has improved my energy levels. I am in the best shape of my life. The dedication in my health that Dr. Chavez and his team have shown me is incredible.
Ryan GosswillerRyan Gosswiller
15:51 09 Jun 22
If you are serious about feeling your best, then this is the place. Not just for weight loss, but for your mind and body. This program helps you to look further down the road for continued success past the programs 12 weeks. Using the team that is provided is an amazing experience. They will help you understand the “why” so that you find success. Optimal Medical Group is the place that will help you hit your goals!
Buster EnterprisesBuster Enterprises
01:04 24 May 22
Dr Chavez and his staff have been amazing. He is very through and his recommendation really work. I first started their weight loss program and have exceeded my goal of losing 40 lbs. I am actually down 53 lbs. My next step with OMG is to optimize my energy levels and increase my libido. He developed a plan for me and if it works like his weight loss plan and could not be happier. His programs are life changing and I would not hesitate to schedule a appointment to go see him. I also go to them for skin rejuvenation and at 48 years old my skin has never looked better. I have had people tell me that I look like I did in high school. Well almost like I did. Go see them asap. You will be so happy you did.
Bill HBill H
23:39 12 May 22
In 2017 I was 330 pounds, had diabetes, high blood pressure and just suffered a mild stroke. I knew that I had to change. I saw a commercial and called Optimal Medical. Dr. Chavez ran extensive tests and referred me to a variety of very impressive specialist to deal with each of my issues. He then formed a comprehensive plan based on every aspect of my health. I am down to 260, am no longer diabetic, take fewer perscriptions, feel energetic, strong and getting healthier every day. Thank you Dr. Chavez for helping me change my life. I recommend anyone that is ready to change to call and talk to Dr Chavez, and see if he can help you too.
Chris WoodChris Wood
12:05 07 Apr 22
First of all, I decided it was time to make a change, to become a healthier me. I feel I came to the right place! Dr. Chavez is a great guy and the initial visit was a comprehensive physical to find out where I was currently at physically, mentally and overall health. It is a serious motivator and with the help of some good people one being Jennifer Z. I am going in the right direction. I believe anyone would benefit no matter your level of health and or fitness. Good luck and give it a shot!
Jenn ZerlingJenn Zerling
03:49 03 Apr 22
I have worked with many doctors during my career and The Chavez's are by far the best of the best. They not only hold multiple board certifications in medicine and obesity management, but they are always ahead of the rest of the industry with virtually every treatment plan under the sun to help individuals age well and feel at their optimal best. There is no bigger honor than being a part of their winning team and working with their amazing clients.

3. Pure Health and Wellness Center

Our final recommendation is this dedicated hormone replacement therapy clinic that offers individualized testosterone replacement solutions. Founded over 20 years ago by a licensed medical doctor, Pure Health and Wellness Center delivers guaranteed results with regular follow-ups, diverse treatment methods, and virtual appointment options.

Enjoy a free initial consultation to determine your best course of treatment. With excellent customer service and easy online access, this is another outstanding Fresno TRT clinic.

cinthia carrasquillocinthia carrasquillo
01:53 03 Oct 22
Very friendly staff.
14:23 17 Feb 20
Christopher RigelonChristopher Rigelon
15:56 21 Jan 20
Kaley QuachKaley Quach
15:35 09 Dec 19
Friendly staff. Dr. Stacey Jones and massage therapist Barb is awesome. Highly recommended!!!
awful ficusawful ficus
14:33 21 Dec 18
The staff is really attentive and take a holistic approach to wellness that's still grounded in modern chiropracty.

Online TRT Clinic | Your Best Option?

If you have combed the web in search of a suitable Fresno TRT clinic near you to no avail, you may prefer the benefits of an online TRT clinic. With advances in telemedicine, virtual treatment has become a viable option for many patients with barriers to in-person care. Online medical platforms feature real-time virtual consults with qualified professionals who administer prescriptions and blood tests through third-party labs.

In-person and online clinics have different advantages and drawbacks. Here are some of the major benefits of online testosterone replacement therapy clinics [15]:

  • Online TRT clinics are more accessible and convenient. Patients who live far away from specialty care centers can enjoy high-quality care from the comfort of their homes. This is especially important in consideration of the necessity for routine follow-ups throughout the course of treatment.
  • Some men find virtual consultation more comfortable due to the privacy it affords. Many men who suffer from low testosterone delay or forgo treatment due to the discomfort of discussing male sexual health concerns.
  • Telemedicine saves the patient both time and money, with no travel required and lower provider fees.
  • Virtual clinics conveniently deliver prescriptions to your door.

Conversely, some experts weigh the potential pitfalls of online TRT clinics, such as the risk of improper diagnosis without a physical exam, reduced testosterone administration options from home, and potential data security concerns. However, clinicians are optimistic that these drawbacks can be remedied with emerging protocols and standardization of telemedicine practices [14, 15].

If the benefits of online TRT appeal to you, look no further than Fountain TRT, our top recommendation for virtual testosterone replacement therapy.

Founded by veteran Board-Certified urologist Dr. Doron Stember, MD, the trusted platform delivers safe and effective treatment that is affordably priced and includes a free consultation and trial.

Enjoy the advantages of optimal online care with Fountain TRT, including:

  • Streamlined three-step process: The initial virtual assessment is quick, easy, and free of charge. Blood tests are performed with trusted partner labs to ensure accurate diagnosis, followed by a video visit with a qualified doctor and a prescription delivered to your door.
  • Premium testosterone cream: Fountain TRT’s topical testosterone cream is one of the safest and most effective options for home administration [15]. You will experience easy, pain-free application and rapid results with the revitalizing treatment that restores youthful health and virility.
  • Top quality care: Fountain provides ongoing support with follow-up visits every three to six months and automatic prescription refills.
  • Unbeatable price with no hidden fees: At an all-inclusive monthly fee of $199, Fountain TRT is a winner when it comes to affordability, effectiveness, safety, and results.

Access your transformative testosterone replacement regimen.

Get hormone therapy today with Fountain TRT...

Fresno TRT | Verdict

Low testosterone can diminish men’s overall health with deleterious effects such as erectile dysfunction, weight gain, metabolic disturbances, and depression [1, 2]. Why suffer from low T when you can choose a leading virtual or traditional TRT clinic staffed with certified professionals?

Enjoy safe and effective in-person testosterone replacement therapy in Fresno at one of these accessible and top-rated locations:

  1. Urology Associates of Central California – 7014 N Whitney Ave, Fresno, CA 93720
  2. Optimal Medical Group – 7206 N Wilburn Ave #106A, Fresno, CA 93722
  3. Pure Health and Wellness Center – 6065 N First St, Fresno, CA 93710

Alternatively, if you prefer the advantages of an online TRT clinic, your best option is Fountain TRT. The expert telehealth platform delivers affordable and convenient care with proven results in the comfort of your home.

Start your journey to increased energy, libido, and overall health with one of these recommended providers.


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