3 Best Testosterone Replacement Therapy Clinics in Mesa

Dr. Diana Rangave

Last Updated August 24, 2022

Dr. Diana Rangave

 August 24, 2022

Looking for testosterone replacement therapy in Mesa?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Inside, you’ll find the official Testosterone.org rankings for the best TRT clinics in the Mesa metro area.

We’ll also go over your online TRT clinic options.

Mesa residents can access first-rate testosterone replacement therapy at one of the city’s top TRT clinics, staffed with experienced and licensed professionals. With an outstanding range of quality providers to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect Mesa TRT clinic to suit your needs, location, and price range.

In this expert guide, we will provide useful information on low T clinics in Mesa, including the advantages of TRT therapy and how to go about selecting the best TRT clinic near you. We have surveyed the field and selected the top three testosterone therapy clinics in Mesa, as well as your best online option.

Disclaimer: The contents of Testosterone.org are for informational and educational purposes. We do not provide legal advice. Likewise, we do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult your physician prior to consuming any over-the-counter supplements, like a natural testosterone booster, and/or getting a prescription for a pharmaceutical medication. Your access to Testosterone.org is subject to our full disclaimer and terms of use.

What is Testosterone Therapy?

Before we explore the best Mesa TRT clinics, let’s dive into the essentials of testosterone therapy. Testosterone is the main male sex hormone and vitally important to men’s overall well-being. It is key to male sexual and mental health, optimal energy levels, muscle composition, and physical performance.

Testosterone naturally diminishes as men age, typically reaching peak levels by the time men are in their early 30s. While this hormonal decline is inevitable, the rate and degree of low T symptoms vary with comorbidities and genetics. The many unwanted effects of low testosterone include weight gain, depression, sexual dysfunction, metabolic disease, decreased muscle mass, and fatigue [1, 2].

Fortunately, men suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone can restore their health with a safe and effective course of testosterone replacement therapy, administered by qualified providers. While some men turn to unsafe black-market steroids, which are known to have severe and harmful side effects, more and more savvy patients are safely enjoying the range of benefits from medically supervised testosterone replacement therapy [3, 4]. The many desirable results of quality testosterone therapy include the following:

  • Improved sexual performance and reproductive health [5, 6].
  • Increase in lean muscle mass and decrease in body fat [7, 8].
  • Boost in energy and physical performance [7, 8].
  • Enhanced cognitive function and mood [9, 10].
  • Decreased risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease [11].
  • Healthier immune response [12].

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the many guaranteed advantages of treatment from a prime Mesa TRT clinic.

Therapy Clinics in Mesa

What to Look for in a Mesa Testosterone Clinic?

For an optimal course of therapy, visit a Mesa TRT clinic with the following features [13, 14, 15]:

  1. Qualified doctors: Look for providers with ample experience and knowledge of hormone replacement therapy, namely board-certified physicians and verified specialists in endocrinology, urology, and pertinent sub-fields.
  2. Accurate diagnosis: Low testosterone can be caused by various factors, requiring a range of treatments with varying durations and methods of administration. A quality TRT clinic offers complete physical exams and blood labs to establish the proper diagnosis and therapy regimen.
  3. Multiple treatment options: A customizable treatment plan ensures maximum efficacy and safety. Choose clinics that tailor therapy to your exact needs and offer a range of testosterone delivery methods, such as topical creams, injections, subdermal pellets, and oral administration.
  4. Regular follow-up appointments and monitoring: TRT patients need to undergo full blood labs regularly throughout treatment to ensure both safety and desired results. Experts recommend follow-up examinations every three to six months during therapy. Your low T doctor should be easily accessible to respond to your questions and concerns.
  5. Conveniently located: Because you will need to visit your TRT clinic regularly for follow-up appointments, it is advisable to select an accessible location to ensure that you adhere to the regimen.

Medical professionals agree that the above clinical standards are key to a successful course of testosterone replacement therapy.

TRT Clinics in Mesa

It is not hard to find quality TRT clinics in Mesa. We have conducted a comprehensive survey of available clinics that adhere to the highest standards. The top 3 Mesa TRT providers are:

  1. East Valley Urology Center – 6116 East Arbor Ave, Building 2, Suite 108, Mesa, AZ 85206Located in scenic East Mesa, this clinic is close to some of the best restaurants and shopping centers the city has to offer. It is conveniently accessible to residents of Mesa and neighboring Gilbert.
  2. Natural & Holistic Medical Center – 830 West Southern Ave #4, Mesa, AZ 85210Located in thriving West Mesa, just south of the walkable downtown area, Natural & Holistic Medical Center is an accessible choice for residents throughout the cities of Mesa and Tempe.
  3. Urologic Surgeons of Arizona – 1234 South Power Rd, Suite 102, Mesa, AZ 85206This clinic in East Mesa is a short walk away from the Superstition Springs Center shopping mall. Just off Highway 60, it serves patients from throughout Maricopa and Pinal Counties.

You are guaranteed to receive the best care at these outstanding TRT clinics in Mesa. Select the one that suits your location, needs, and price range.


Best Testosterone Clinics in Mesa

Now, let’s explore the features and benefits of these outstanding Mesa TRT clinics in detail.

1. East Valley Urology Center

Founded by a renowned team of experienced, board-certified urologists, this clinic offers full urologic care as well as an array of cutting-edge holistic health services. The center’s testosterone therapy program includes detailed and accurate diagnostics with a range of treatment delivery systems, such as pellets, subdermal patches, and injections. Doctors are readily available through the clinic’s website to address all concerns.

East Valley Urology Center is a Medicare provider and accepts most private medical insurance plans. Enjoy superior care at one of Mesa’s premier TRT clinics, highly rated and centrally located.

Caterina CataldoCaterina Cataldo
16:07 25 Oct 22
Dr Peifer & Dr Wadhwa are awesome! I have kidney stones a few times a year and my last few surgeries were done by Dr Peifer & Dr Wadhwa. They are extremely thorough and have the best bedside manors. They explain each surgery completely and in detail. I was in a lot of pain late one afternoon & Jocelyn even saw me without appointment same day! I would have given 5 stars, but the scheduler has always been rude when I call to schedule an appointment. And their insurance people are extremely slow getting approvals and/or following up with my insurance company. Because of how extremely awesome the Dr’s and Jocelyn are, I wouldn’t choose a different office to go to!
Geoffrey MalterGeoffrey Malter
11:47 16 Oct 22
Dr. Mehan is a 5 star urologist! Very knowledgeable, caring, and has a wonderful bedside manner. I am forever indebted to him. He recommended what I experienced to be an easy outpatient procedure for my prostate cancer that reduced my PSA to zero. I was able to almost immediately perform all the normal functions of a husband, without the negative effects associated with conventional surgery.
Garry KochGarry Koch
04:43 02 Sep 22
After hearing from a blood test that my PSA was high, my PCP recommended East Valley Urology. I chose Dr Rahul Mehan to handle my problem. From day one Dr Mehan was unbelievably positive even after a few of the biopsies came back positive for cancer. We sat down and discussed all options available to me. We decided the best option for me considering the severity of the cancer was to remove the prostate. During all the office visits and surgery I knew I was in good hands. I had no complications after surgery. I would highly recommend Dr Mehan. He was fabulous. Now PSA is
Terry RouseTerry Rouse
22:22 31 Aug 22
The schedualing people are allmost impossible to deal with..I've been trying for 6 months to get into see dr.mehan, partly the V.A. fault, but the scheduling people will not work with you, on this..they have made no effort to be helpful, there rude, and very stubborn..ive had 2procedures, and 1 surgery, I'm 6 months overdue..they (scheduling) dont care.! I leave msg..no return calls, I have insurance, but it cost me money, the V.A. authorizes me to see them, but they make you jump through paperwork and bureaucracy to get a consultation follow up the dr. wants..very frustrating.! Hard to work with..dr.mehan and his associate drs. Are great.! Money first.! Then you can see the dr.!
K S (Kms)K S (Kms)
17:02 15 Jul 22
Dr. Mehan, please read your reviews! I do like the doctor but the follow-up is terrible terrible terrible and that is enough to keep someone from coming back and enough to keep someone from even trying your medical facility. The lack of follow-up and knowledge from staff is pretty scary. I would think if it keeps up it's definitely going to affect your business going forward.

2. Natural & Holistic Medical Center

Founded in 2018 by a passionate group of licensed and board-certified naturopathic doctors, this leading Mesa TRT clinic offers a comprehensive balance of modern and alternative medical services. The cutting-edge testosterone replacement therapy program is administered by experienced professionals and features highly customized treatment plans.

Natural & Holistic Medical Center is a great choice for patient-centered care from dedicated practitioners. The private clinic offers initial consultations free of charge as well as round-the-clock support.

Sena IzumiSena Izumi
19:27 27 Mar 22
Their website doesn't work properly. Don't trust places that can't run a simple website. I'll revisit possibly in a year to check and see if its worth it..
Richard DivalentinoRichard Divalentino
18:16 28 Sep 21
Great place,, Came in because i was feeling drained and tired all the time.They hooked me up with an IV and i felt much better,, I then had my blood work done and the doctor set me up with all the supplements i needed and started me on Bio identical hormone therapy,, Feeling even better and putting muscle on much faster and its staying Thank you Dr Irina and Brian for all the help
Keeping it RealKeeping it Real
23:37 31 Aug 21
I was treated well. Reasonable prices and nice staff. Variety of treatments to make you healthier and better.
Nnenna OnwunemeNnenna Onwuneme
21:02 23 Apr 21
Was receiving IV/injection therapy at a different neuropathic clinic. But I am so glad I found this clinic. It has been a very positive experience. Dr. Bloom has the best bedside manners. The owner is very helpful. Cannot recommend this clinic enough.
Kimberly PKimberly P
16:23 05 Feb 21
I am experiencing a couple different medical conditions and my Holistic Medical Doctor helped me find alternative healthy products and methods for relief. The staff was welcoming and really cared about my concerns. The cost is reasonable and that was important to me.

3. Urologic Surgeons of Arizona

This renowned primary care and urology practice features a team of board-certified urologists and state-of-the-art treatments. The clinic’s effective TRT service is administered by licensed specialists, with in-depth diagnostics and various testosterone delivery methods that are tailored to patient needs.

With top reviews and multiple awards, Urologic Surgeons of Arizona is a trusted Mesa TRT clinic. Most major insurance providers are accepted, and appointment setting is a breeze on the center’s easily navigable website.

Andrew McLawsAndrew McLaws
18:32 09 Sep 22
Love Dr. Alvi and his staff. Kidney stones gone and feeling 1000% better. I highly recommend Dr. Alvi to anyone needing urological help. He really solved my kidney problems that had plagued me for many years.
Lesa WickLesa Wick
16:19 17 Jun 22
I don't think I have ever experienced such an inexperienced group of people! I have left numerous messages regarding a bill they've sent me a have not received any phone calls from them or the management company they have hired to manage their billing. I wish I would have never gone there. What a mistake that was!
JB DyerJB Dyer
17:41 16 Jun 22
No one answers the phone or returns messages. I have been asking the front desk to have my prescription sent to my pharmacy for SEVEN WEEKS. This is unacceptable.Dr. Woodruff was great though. If only his staff was as good; without that, what good is a doctor?
Marilyn AunchmanMarilyn Aunchman
13:46 05 Apr 22
My husband is satisfied with Dr.Alvi, but his support staff is absolutely terrible to deal with. They don't answer the phone nor do they return calls. It's almost impossible to get tests scheduled in a timely manner. My husband is seriously considering switching to another urologist.
Bob HunterBob Hunter
18:16 23 Mar 22
Left three messages, no returned calls. Cannot schedule my surgery which needs to be done. No one answers calls. The lights are on, no one is home. During my recent exam, personnel at front desk was watching Netflix. This place is not prepared to handle patients.

Online TRT Clinic | Your Best Option?

While there are many quality testosterone replacement therapy clinics in Mesa, you may prefer an online TRT option. Quality telemedicine platforms offer dependable care, including video consultations with licensed doctors who perform screenings and issue medications through third-party providers.

To help you decide between a traditional or online TRT clinic, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of each type. The primary benefits of online testosterone replacement therapy include the following [16]:

  • Online TRT eliminates geographic barriers. No matter where you live, you can easily access quality treatment from home. Considering the need for regular follow-up appointments, this encourages patients to stick with the course of treatment for guaranteed results.
  • Virtual consults offer greater patient privacy. Online treatment may be more comfortable for men who would otherwise forgo TRT due to the sensitive nature of sexual health concerns.
  • Online clinics save both money and time, with lower provider costs and no travel needed. Consult your doctor from the comfort of your residence.
  • Telemedicine clinics deliver medications right to your door. There is no need to visit the pharmacy and wait in long lines for prescription refills.

Some detractors note potential drawbacks of online testosterone replacement therapy clinics, including the possibility of misdiagnosis in absence of in-person physical exams, fewer options of treatment delivery methods from home, and risks in data security. However, many experts are confident that these concerns can be addressed with the standardization and evolution of telemedical practices [16, 17].

If virtual TRT sounds like the right fit, you can’t go wrong with Fountain TRT, our highest recommendation for online testosterone replacement therapy.

This trusted online platform was founded by Dr. Doron Stember, MD, a seasoned and board-certified urologist. The secure provider offers quality, affordable testosterone replacement therapy, including a no-cost initial consultation and trial period.

The key advantages of Fountain TRT are:

  • Simple three-step process: After the first online assessment, full blood labs are administered through a trusted partner to enable proper diagnosis. Next, you will have an in-depth video consultation with a licensed doctor, and your testosterone replacement prescription will be delivered to your home.
  • Safe and effective testosterone cream: Fountain’s topical cream treatment is the most effective and reliable option for safe, at-home use [16]. It delivers rapid, pain-free results, quickly restoring optimal testosterone levels.
  • Superior care: Patients receive ongoing assistance with regular follow-up appointments and automatic treatment refills. Staff is readily available to address patient questions and concerns.
  • Affordably priced: Fountain TRT is priced at just $199 per month with no hidden fees. When it comes to quality and price, Fountain TRT is a clear winner.

Click the link below to start your testosterone replacement therapy with the best online clinic.

Get hormone therapy today with Fountain TRT...

Mesa TRT | Verdict

Low testosterone has many unpleasant effects, such as depression, weight gain, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, and metabolic disease [18, 19]. If you are suffering from these symptoms, visit a top online or in-person TRT clinic to start feeling great again.

Choose one of these outstanding clinics for the best TRT therapy in Mesa.

  1. East Valley Urology Center – 6166 East Arbor Ave, Building 2, Suite 108, Mesa, AZ 85206
  2. Natural & Holistic Medical Center – 830 West Southern Ave #4, Mesa, AZ 85210
  3. Urologic Surgeons of Arizona – 1234 South Power Rd, Suite 102, Mesa, AZ 85206

For superior online testosterone replacement therapy, we highly recommend Fountain TRT, a safe, proven, and affordable telehealth provider that you can access from the privacy of your home.

Enhance your health and restore your youthful vitality with quality care from one of these leading TRT clinics.



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